Film Student Testimonies

Watch Vincent Bradley’s video.
Watch Vincent Bradley’s video »

Vincent Bradley

Major: Information Technology
Asst. Producer, Antarctic Edge: 70° South

“I grew up in the Newark public school system. I can remember police officers coming to our school and talking to us, firefighters and things like that, but we never had actual scientists come to our school and kind of get us interested in the science field. That might correlate to the fact why there’s not too many people that come from urban areas that go into science fields and become scientists.”

Watch Amber Nelson's video.
Watch Amber Nelson’s video »

Amber Nelson

Major: Undeclared
Asst. Producer, Antarctic Edge: 70° South

“I felt like there was a responsibility in making this film, as a whole, to get climate change out there for people to see. It definitely gives me a lot of ownership towards my films and the science and it forces me to actually know and learn the science since I have to work with it.”

Watch Gabby Gatdula’s video.
Watch Gabby Gatdula’s video »

Gabby Gatdula

Major: Journalism and Media Studies
Asst. Producer, Antarctic Edge: 70° South

“I never saw myself as someone who’d be so concerned about science without being an actual scientist, but now I feel kind of like it’s my duty to always stay connected with these type of things.”

Watch Darrel Gordon's video.
Watch Darrel Gordon’s video »

Darrel Gordon

Major: Communications
Producer, What’s in the Dark student film

“I’m definitely considering being a scientific filmmaker. It bridges my natural curiosity for scientific information, but also my love of storytelling and art.”

Watch Taban Khan's video.
Watch Taban Khan’s video »

Taban Khan

Major: Public Health
Asst. Producer, Antarctic Edge: 70° South

“It’s good to see women in leadership positions, especially in science. You can’t tell somebody’s story without knowing their story. You have to put yourself in their shoes.”