Meet the Scientists & Researchers

Meet the Scientists

Photo of Hugh Ducklow
Hugh Ducklow (PI)

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Photo of Scott Doney
Scott Doney

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Photo of William Fraser
William Fraser

Polar Oceans Research Group
Photo of Donna Fraser
Donna Fraser
Polar Oceans Research Group
Photo of Doug Martinson
Doug Martinson

Lamont Doherty & Columbia University
Photo of Oscar Schofield
Oscar Schofield

Rutgers Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences
Photo of Sharon Stammerjohn
Sharon Stammerjohn

Columbia University
Photo of Debbie Steinberg
Debbie Steinberg

Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences
Photo of D. Reide Corbett
D. Reide Corbett

University of North Carolina
Photo of David Johnston
David Johnston

Duke University

Meet Other Members of the Palmer Research Team

Photo of James Conners
James Conners
Information Manager
Photo of Beth Simmons
Beth Simmons
Education/Outreach Coordinator