Filmmaker’s Survival Guide: 101

Creating Antarctica: Beyond the Ice* proposed unique challenges for our Rutgers filmmaker. The challenge was straightforward: how do you both repel the harsh elements, while also capturing it visually on film?  In the Antarctic, miles away from any B&H or Best Buy, small technical issues could leave you on thin ice. But as good filmmakers know, challenges are the catalyst for creativity.

We give to you:  The Filmmakers’ Survival Guide to Antarctica.

Date: 2/04/2013                                                               Survival Guide: 101

Location: Antarctic Peninsula
1. Bring at least two of everything. You cannot buy batteries, let alone pick up a new FS700, at Palmer Station.

2. Going to be shooting a whale biopsy? Be sure to use your Neutral Density filter! Wouldn’t want that tag to blend into the clouds; you need great contrast!

3. Recording an interview at Avian Island, the home of 70 thousand breeding pairs of Adelie Penguins? Bring your windscreen to battle those howling winds, while still picking up ambient noise!

4. If you are riding a Zodiac along the West Antarctic peninsula, be aware of how your equipment functions in the cold! The frigid temperatures will drain your battery life three times faster than normal, and drastic changes in temperature will potentially damage your camera’s sensor.

5. Know your limits. If you’re shooting an interview on the deck of a research vessel, the extreme wind chill can be a lot to handle, so make sure you wear the right winter gear and take breaks before you get frostbite.


* Note:  While our filmmakers have been in Antarctica, they have come up with this new working title for this documentary.